India’s first personal finance management portal designed to help you invest, borrow, insure, plan, compare, analyze, buy and manage online. Smartly.

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Whether you want to invest, take a loan, buy insurance or keep a track of your financial portfolio, we work as an advisor, facilitator and friend to help you in every stage.

  • When most goals in life are directly or indirectly connected with finance, planning becomes imperative. Unfortunately, factors like limited access to knowledge, traditional banking methods and lack of exposure, among others, have kept most of us from making strong financial decisions. There is a dire need for every individual and company to be empowered with the right platform which can advise, facilitate and guide them in every stage of their life. This is where we step in.

  • Paisaxpaisa is a revolutionary platform designed to help you in every step of your financial trajectory. We offer a host of services, right from facilitating loans and managing investments to planning retirement and doing financial health check-up, to help you in every step.

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The correlation between Income, expenses, savings, loans, assets, insurance, taxes, financial planning and will writing is defined as Personal Finance.
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